"Nestled in nature, Split Apple Lodge has 360 degree views. Recent renovations satisfy the needs of global travellers while also keeping the footprint to a minimum.  Expect breath-taking views from every window and revel in the experience of a patio hot tub as the full moon rises or when the day dawns. Feel good improvements include full insulation, 100% rainwater collection, a chlorine-free spa and magnesium-based pool. Additionally, food is locally sourced and organic, food waste is composted, toiletries and cleaning supplies are nontoxic. And while the lodge uses low energy lighting throughout, you’ll probably spend most of your time exploring outside.”  

(Travara Eco Travel, 2019)

Welcome to Split Apple Lodge, a unique Eco Lodge at the entrance of the Abel Tasman National Park, New Zealand. Guests enjoy a contemporary design in a remote and natural atmosphere, breathtaking scenery with very individual service. Facilities impress with a magnesium swimming pool, Outdoor SPA area and a passionate team making everyones stay unforgettable.


Guests appreciate a very kiwi no-worries experience. Therefore, all room rates include a large and serviced breakfast buffet catering all dietary needs. Barista coffee and other refreshments are served all day long, a variety of complimentary snacks await in the afternoon. Our team is available 14 hours per day for all questions, bookings and wellbeing. Needless to say there is free broadband WiFi, free parking and a large guest fridge for any beverages or snacks you might carry.

Access to Swimming Pool, Outdoor SPA Pool and use of the Outdoor Sauna is included in all room rates. Massages can be booked onsite at extra charge.

New 2020/2021: We are now able to provide dinner platters for all our guests. Please find an exemplary menu here. Prebooking essential.

Sea View Rooms with private balcony (occupancy of 2) from NZ$495 per night. Mountain View Rooms with Pool View (occupancy of 2) from NZ$425 per night. 


Since its change of ownership in 2016, Split Apple Lodge underwent massive renovations and upgrades to create a unique, top quality and eco friendly property, satisfying the needs of domestic and international travellers with high expectations and a certain standard whilst keeping a green footprint. The property operates as a no-smoking facility.


The Lodge is fully insulated and upgraded to Low-E double glazing, to ensure a minimum heat loss from the inside and maximum heat protection from the outside for the comfort of all guests - and mother earth. Instead of noisy and energy consuming Air Conditions it was consciously invested in this Low-E special tinted glass to keep the summer heat out of the rooms. Of course, all rooms feature floor & ceiling fans for extra warm days. On chilly days, the Lodge is heated with firewood sourced from the Lodge's own forestry block, hand-cut and split onsite. This firewood also heats the new outdoor sauna.


Split Apple Lodge operates 100% on rainwater. The water is collected in large tanks, the property stores up to 125.000l. It then gets cleaned, filtered and UV-treated before it is ready to use for shower, cook, clean and even drink.


The Outdoor Hot SPA is UV-treated and cleaned with silver-ions, completely chlorine-free. The new swimming pool features a magnesium based pump for eco friendly cleaning with its benefits for health and environment.

Breakfast supplies are always local, and organic wherever possible, coffee beans are fair trade organic. Eggs, honey and marmelade are produced locally in Kaiteriteri and the surrounding areas. 

Rubbish and waste is always strictly recycled. Food leftovers are composted, for additional support the 'Hungry Bin' is used - an eco friendly worm farm - to manage high season demands. The rest is happily taken care of by the properties free range hens - who also deliver delicious eggs.​ 


Split Apple Lodge only uses eco-friendly toiletries and the room attendants work with non-toxic cleaning and non-disposable supplies only.

All appliances have been exchanged to low energy models, all lighting has been upgraded to quality LED bulbs and the Lodge works with a power company operating on renewable energy sources. 

Last but not least Split Apple Lodge is proud to pay all staff higher hourly rates than minimum wage, plus tips and extras, trusting that only a fairly treated, honoured, satisfied and happy employee will deliver the best service to the guests.

Split Apple Lodge is more than just accommodation After improvements and major building efforts guests now enjoy an expansive outdoor swimming pool, and a separate outdoor SPA area featuring a hot tub with Mountain Views, a wood fired outdoor sauna with panorama window, a private massage studio surrounded by native bush and various relaxation areas.

The natural mineral swimming pool operates with a magnesium based cleaning system. Generous 12 x 4.5m in size and blessed with full day sun, guests can now swim, plunge or exercise all day long.​ A magnesium mineral pool can do wonders for health. Swimming in a Magnesium Pool can help alleviate aches and pains and soothe the skin, thanks to the unique blend of magnesium chloride and potassium chloride. It is eco friendly to the body and the environment and works without heavy chemicals.​ On top of the benefits listed, mineral pool water feels different, almost silky smooth, making it a pleasure to experience. Eyes will experience little to no irritation, and hair and skin won’t have that chlorine smell or sticky salt feeling one gets from swimming in a chlorinated or salt water pool.

The premium quality cedar wooden hot tub was hand-made in New Zealand. The water is UV-treated and chlorine free to allow a skin friendly and ecological approach.

A wood fired outdoor sauna with a huge panorama window for those nasty rainy days or cold evenings offers the utmost relaxation - with a cold outdoor shower to refresh afterwards. The sauna is heated with firewood sourced from our own forest to avoid excessive power usage. The firewood heat also has a soothing and relaxing feeling, much cosier and deeper than an electric burner.


Also located in the SPA area is a private massage studio for some exclusive me-time surrounded by native bush, offering beautiful views in the native bush. Massages with our skilled therapists can be booked online and upon arrival. ​​(60 minutes - NZ$145)



370 Kaiteriteri Sandy-Bay Road

7197 Motueka

New Zealand

0064 (0) 21 1904155